Political Plots

You may not agree with the recent devious, delaying and deceitful deeds of our elected ‘representatives,’ in Westminster, but there is a spin off for writers. We always need material and what a wealth of plots they are creating. How many times have we heard the comment, ‘You couldn’t make it up?’ Well writers you don’t have to, they have done for you, and a lot of it may have been beyond your own imaginations.
It won’t be long before we see elements of this fiasco featuring in; TV dramas, sitcoms, plays, novels and stories. At least something creative will come out of it all.
Of course, self-interest and dodgy tactics are not new to our politicos. If we look back 100 years, the first woman MP, to take her seat in the British parliament, Nancy Astor, was up against it. 1 December 2019 is the centenary of this event, and back in Plymouth the home of her old constituency they are erecting a statue to her on the Hoe. Read more   https://kentracey.co.uk/articles-bio-2/ Lady of the House.

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