Short Story Collection

My collection of short stories is published today.

Disappearing Overnight is an entertaining collection of diverse stories.

A scientist defecting to Russia has to use his secret to escape. – A solicitor down on his luck finds a new job and is shocked when his past turns up. – A man returns to the scene of his teenage crime with a good reason.- Out to avenge the death of his lover an accountant murders the one person who can save him from hanging – A brother and sister are brought up in different cultures then meet under tragic circumstances….and more.

Order on line from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwell’s, Hive or in store.

Amazon link;

Waterstones link;

1 thought on “Short Story Collection”

  1. Great stories. Perfect format for a busy life – just right while having a coffee – five minutes in the chair after lunch – short bus/train journey. You get to know the ending without putting the book down, and it usually surprises you on the last page. Thoroughly enjoyed it!.


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